Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I have sent my referral. How do I make an appointment?
  • Appointments can only be made after we have received your referral.
  • Once we have your referral you will be contacted and offered the next available appointment and advised of all the necessary details required to attend your appointment.
  • Dr Sellbach works hard to be available to people with conditions relating to her particular expertise. This means that if your referral relates to another neurological problem, she may suggest you seek care with another neurologist. We will let you know should this be the case.
How do I access urgent after hours care?
  • In the event of an emergency, you should call 000 for an ambulance or immediately present to your local hospital emergency department for management.
  • Your GP / local hospital doctor can contact Dr Sellbach via the Wesley Hospital or St Andrews War Memorial Hospital switch board for urgent issues afterhours. When Dr Sellbach is unavailable, she will arrange cover by another neurologist to assist in your care.
If I am concerned regarding my condition or possible side effects from my treatment, what should I do?
  • If you are concerned about a medical emergency, please dial 000 as above.
  • If your concerns are non-urgent, Dr Sellbach advises you seek review with your GP. Dr Sellbach is happy to liaise with your GP if necessary.
  • In addition to obtaining review by your GP, you may also contact Think Neuro during opening hours. We are happy to arrange earlier appointments for further advice / assessment when needed.
Is Botulinum toxin therapy given for non-PBS indications?
  • No. Dr Sellbach is experienced in Botulinum toxin therapy for approved neurological indications and does not routinely inject Botulinum toxin for non-PBS subsidised therapy.
Is Botulinum toxin therapy given under EMG guidance?
  • No. Dr Sellbach is experienced in giving Botulinum toxin without the need for EMG.
Does Dr Sellbach perform electrophysiology investigations such as NCS or EMG?
  • No. Dr Sellbach does not perform NCS / EMG. When indicated she would refer to another provider. For referrals relating to neuromuscular conditions which are likely to require these investigations, Dr Sellbach will usually recommend you send your referral to a neurologist who is able to provide this service.
Does Dr Sellbach do work cover?
  • No. Dr Sellbach does not currently do work cover claims.
Does Dr Sellbach perform DBS surgery?
  • No, Dr Sellbach has over 10 years’ experience in management of DBS therapy. However, she does not currently perform DBS targeting or directly engage in the immediate perioperative care of DBS therapy. She works closely with experienced DBS surgery providers and refers potential DBS candidates to established DBS units for engagement in multidisciplinary perioperative DBS care.
How does Dr Sellbach deliver DBS care?
  • DBS care necessitates regular monitoring of the device and clinical assessments regarding symptom control and side effect management.
  • Dr Sellbach has diary flexibility to accommodate routine and urgent DBS management issues with capacity for frequent follow up appointments and urgent add on cases where needed.
  • Dr Sellbach will recommend admission for inpatient DBS management when indicated.
What about problems with the DBS device or wound?
  • Dr Sellbach works closely with DBS surgeons in the event surgical complications arise.
  • 24 hour help lines are available for patients and care providers to contact device manufacturers for technical issues:
    • Abbott (previously St Jude) 24 hour helpline: 1800 500 705
    • Boston Scientific 24 hour helpline: 1800 245 559
    • Medtronic 24 hour helpline: 1800 652 972
  • Dr Sellbach works closely with the DBS device manufacturers to assist with technical difficulties if they arise.
I am having an operation / procedure and have forgotten how to turn off my DBS device. What do I do?
  • Call the 24 hour help line number for your device manufacturer as above. They will be able to assist you or a person involved in your procedural care in switching the device off and then on again after the procedure is complete. This advice can be provided over the phone if necessary.
How does Dr Sellbach manage other aspects of DBS care?
  • DBS care involves multiple specialists including Neurosurgeons, Neuropsychiatrists and Rehabilitation specialists. Dr Sellbach will liaise with these specialists when required to ensure comprehensive DBS care.